Greg's Ice Cream 9 27 2015

Well there's no picture evidence for this one, but I met Matt at Greg's Ice Cream before we watched what was or wasn't the Lunar Eclipse.

The pumpkin ice cream I had was really good. Matt might've had Toasted Marshmallow and might've let me try some too. Also worth it. The portions were massive and the pricing was normal.

There was lots of wall art from customers and a good joke on one that I later took credit for... oops. 

I'll make a pit stop to Greg's the next time I'm in the Annex for a photo opp!

And since there aren't any photos, make sure to click on the hyperlink above and test out the Happiness Randomizer on the main page.

I got "Take a long nap without setting an alarm." That's one thing I'm all too familiar with.

Ice Cream: Pumpkin Pie
Taste: Flavourful with all of the spices. Leaves a good taste in your mouth and feels good going down cool
Price: $$$
Bonus(es): Great customer service. I remember the guy behind the counter laughing at our jokes. And a good story behind the business - very Ben & Jerry's-esque when it comes to CSR