Bakerbots Baking 6 18 2015

My pal Serge was the best to bring on a stop of this Ice Cream Tour. We met at Bakerbots Baking, got in line, ordered and before he took a bite, he asked me:

Hey am I allowed to eat this yet? Or do you have to take picture?
It's a hot spot on a hot night

It's a hot spot on a hot night

The whole shop heard and laughed. It was awesome. 

And no, he wasn't allowed to eat it yet and yes, I had to take a picture. 

Hands holding ice creams

Hands holding ice creams

Bakerbots Baking and Bang Bang are run by the same folks so the offerings are the same and I don't think anyone's complaining. If you take a stroll down Ossington you can hit up both of them quite easy. 

Ice Cream: Cinnamon Toast
Cookie: Gingerrr
Price: Whatever I said about Bang Bang, maybe $$$?
Taste: So flavourful! I didn't think I'd like this that much. Spice and coldness is a solid combo. 
Bonus: Lots and lots of sweets to pick up if you're not feeling ice cream!