Nonna Bianca 7 23 2015

My pal Serge has been on a few of these ice cream shop visits with me. He went away on a nice little solo vacay and stopped in for ISFIC's first international review. I'll let him take it from here: 

While not a touristy kind of person, one of the tourist traps that I did in Buenos Aires was the Parrilla Tour, mostly because I’m a fatty who loves food and because it promised a local dining experience. Most of the places tourists tend to eat is guided by language and recommendations from hotels, this was a chance to get out of it.

I’ll spare you the details of the full course in the middle of historic San Telmo and skip straight to the ice cream. 

Nonna Bianca is hidden away down one of the cobbled streets and is ran by an old Argentinian/Italian lady. Our guide and her got into a pretty passionate argument before the guide turned back and translated what seemed like a bajillion (real number, true story) flavours to us. Dulce, this being Argentina of course dominated.

In the end I settled for a mix of Dulce+hazelnut+cognac and kinotos+whiskey (I’m on vacation, I want alcohol). They were good enough to make me wonder what else they had. 

The shop is nice and very comfy with a variety of deserts, liqueurs and ice-creams on display. If you’re in Argentina, you should definitely go looking for this one.

Ice Cream: Dulce De Leche Granizado + Kinotos Al Whiskey
Price: ?? Part of the Tour (seemed reasonable)
Bonus(es): Nice atmosphere and you get to hear some arguments in Argentine