Bilboquet 8 8 2015

Wish I could live out this whole blog with my sweet friend Louis. He moved to Montreal this summer and stopped into Bilboquet for me!

Oh hey! Louis here. I have the immense privilege to be the first French ice screamer on Shaughnessy’s blog. Since it is now more difficult to share frozen moments with Hayley in #the6ix, she graciously allowed me to share a Montréal experience. 

While lazily strolling on Sherbrooke street today, it was hard to walk by the infamous Bilboquet without going in for a treat. Bilboquet is a Montréal institution, you guys. A little minty chocolaty goodness cannot hurt, amirite?

Ice Cream: Menthale (That’s right, it is straight up #mental!)
Price: 10$ for two cones
Bonus: They sell their ice cream, and delicious macarons from Point G as well, which is another place you should check out! #Mmmmm