Bilboquet 8 8 2015

Wish I could live out this whole blog with my sweet friend Louis. He moved to Montreal this summer and stopped into Bilboquet for me!

Oh hey! Louis here. I have the immense privilege to be the first French ice screamer on Shaughnessy’s blog. Since it is now more difficult to share frozen moments with Hayley in #the6ix, she graciously allowed me to share a Montréal experience. 

While lazily strolling on Sherbrooke street today, it was hard to walk by the infamous Bilboquet without going in for a treat. Bilboquet is a Montréal institution, you guys. A little minty chocolaty goodness cannot hurt, amirite?

Ice Cream: Menthale (That’s right, it is straight up #mental!)
Price: 10$ for two cones
Bonus: They sell their ice cream, and delicious macarons from Point G as well, which is another place you should check out! #Mmmmm

Lollapalooza 7 31 2015 to 8 2 2015

My sweet pal Jordan and I headed to Lollapalooza courtesy of a little luck, Indie88 and I was the winner of a Permission Slip contest hosted by the radio station and got to bring a friend with me to the biggest music festival in Chicago! Flights paid for. Tickets paid for. Hotel paid for. Spending cash. Hallelujah! 

Safe to say a few bucks were spent on ice cream treats. 

The first day we were there, I had this tradish choco chip cone. It satisfied my hunger from the scorching sun but left the expectations low for what we laid our eyes and mouths on for the rest of the weekend.

Between the tunes and lobster corndogs (DROOOLLLL), Jordan got messy with this thing. They actually torched a marshmallow on top of chocolate ice cream (DROOOOOLLLL).

Hashbrown no filter.

Hashbrown no filter.

Next up. The beast of all beasts. I was explaining what the heck this cone looked like the other night and boy does the picture do a much better job. This is from Original Rainbow Cone and I'm pretty sure I tasted everything possible in every bite. Sorbet, ice cream, surprise walnuts. It was perfect and probably the best thing I've had all summer. 

All the colours of the rainbow + a shirtless teen.

All the colours of the rainbow + a shirtless teen.

Ice Cream: Collectively called messy and delicious
Price: $$$$, only at Lolla
Bonus: All of the music festival vibes a girl needs, including that shirtless teen above ;)

Moo Milk Bar 7 25 2015

For the past two weekends I've gone to visit my sweet gal pal Sacha in her new neighbourhood - the Beaches! It's a land of luxury, fuelled on good community vibes, parks and oh yeah, the beach. 

After missing out on #UberIceCream during the week, we ventured to Moo Milk Bar to see what it was all about in person. Jordan joined us too, and probably made the best decision of the three of us: ordering the camp fire ice cream sandwich. Helllllo! 

My gal pals!

My gal pals!

As for me, I'm on a spree of new ice cream sandwich combos and had the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwich. Frozen cookie dough and vanilla ice cream. It was so sweet I could barely finish. 

Nonna Bianca 7 23 2015

My pal Serge has been on a few of these ice cream shop visits with me. He went away on a nice little solo vacay and stopped in for ISFIC's first international review. I'll let him take it from here: 

While not a touristy kind of person, one of the tourist traps that I did in Buenos Aires was the Parrilla Tour, mostly because I’m a fatty who loves food and because it promised a local dining experience. Most of the places tourists tend to eat is guided by language and recommendations from hotels, this was a chance to get out of it.

I’ll spare you the details of the full course in the middle of historic San Telmo and skip straight to the ice cream. 

Nonna Bianca is hidden away down one of the cobbled streets and is ran by an old Argentinian/Italian lady. Our guide and her got into a pretty passionate argument before the guide turned back and translated what seemed like a bajillion (real number, true story) flavours to us. Dulce, this being Argentina of course dominated.

In the end I settled for a mix of Dulce+hazelnut+cognac and kinotos+whiskey (I’m on vacation, I want alcohol). They were good enough to make me wonder what else they had. 

The shop is nice and very comfy with a variety of deserts, liqueurs and ice-creams on display. If you’re in Argentina, you should definitely go looking for this one.

Ice Cream: Dulce De Leche Granizado + Kinotos Al Whiskey
Price: ?? Part of the Tour (seemed reasonable)
Bonus(es): Nice atmosphere and you get to hear some arguments in Argentine

Bake Shoppe 7 18 2015

Carly and I got together today to check out the Ossington Ave. sidewalk sales, but before doing so, we perused down College (by mistake, really) and stepped into the nicely decorated Bake Shoppe

Carly sitting pretty in front of the Bake Shoppe. Love the type on the window!

Carly sitting pretty in front of the Bake Shoppe. Love the type on the window!

BlogTO, you really messed up by not putting this place on The List. They have pop-tart ice cream sandwiches for goodness sakes! I was stoked to figure out the ice cream they serve comes from Ed's Real Scoop

Stolen from their website, here's what the Bake Shoppe is all about: 

Bake Shoppe is a new endeavour from the two talented ladies behind The Wedding Cake Shoppe, est. in 2004. 

Specializing in old school yummy treats, and homemade recreations of pastime favourites. As always, everything is baked on site from scratch using all natural ingredients and organic/local when possible. 

Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Check out the baked sign! Classic, and so very Instagram worthy.



Ice Cream: Ed's Real Scoop's Burnt Marshmallow 
Pop-tart: Plum and Rose
Price: $$$$$ #worthit
Bonus(es): I must confess this is an Instagrammer's paradise

SOMA Chocolatemaker 7 17 2015

Attention, attention! This marks the first I Scream for Ice Cream work outing!

I love my friend Kelsey (hey, and her sense of style - check out her killer outfit) and I'm pretty lucky to have her as a work buddy. SOMA Chocolatemaker is just around the bend from our office, so we got our umbrellas and decided to have gelato for lunch as this is what this blog is doing to me. 

See what I mean about that killer outfit?

See what I mean about that killer outfit?

I've really only had gelato a few times in my life. Ice cream just seems to be more convenient? SOMA has a traditional selection of gelato - your vanillas and chocolates and nutty flavours - and some pretty wicked sorbet combos. I almost, almost went for a coconut + spice one. 

Anyway, the store is great and actually makes you want to sit down and chow down on the chocolate-infused air alone. You have to make your way through the prettiest chocolate displays to reach the gelato + sorbet counter. Portions are sooooo generous. Kelsey and my eyes widen as the girl behind the counter kept filling up our cups! 

If you work in the area like we do, make sure to check out SOMA on a lunch break.

Portion size means jack at SOMA!

Portion size means jack at SOMA!

Gelato: Vanilla Bean
Taste: Solid 8/10
Price: $$$ - completely reasonable for the gelato pile you get. So generous!

Scoop Shop 7 12 2015

Soo, it's been nearly 3 weeks. I've been eating ice cream, mostly from a bucket in my freezer and not from the places on The List.

My pal Serge and I hit up Scoop Shop for their affogato - hot hot espresso poured over ice cream of choice. Delicious.

Espressy on icey cream creams

Espressy on icey cream creams

The place is simply decorated with Instagram photos on the wall, Pinterst-worthy flowers in glass bottles set on a shelf and a life-size cone made out of ice cream-inspired newspaper clippings.


Back to the goods! The espresso was really nice and just what I expected in taste, as I don't drink it often. The first thing I said when we walked out of the shop with our affogatos was "I CAN DRINK IT TOO!" Scoop, sip, scoop, sip. It was perfect. 

Sooooup therre it issss!

Sooooup therre it issss!

Ice Cream: Toasted Marshmallow
Taste: Super flavourful and best of both words in so many ways. Bitter espresso with sweet caramel swirls in the ice cream.
Price: $$$$ for a single scoop and espresso shot it was over $5
Bonus(es): Plenty! I want to go back and try an ice cream sandwich with a colourful house made macaron! Vegan options too.